Ali Known as GDaal, was born in Tehran, Iran in February 9, 1992 . During his childhood, he was interested in Classical Persian music. in the year 2004, he became familiar with the Hip-Hop musics and he was intensively impressed by the style and unique culture of this special kind of music.
He found the Persian version of Hip-Hop music in 2005 Because of the common language between his mother tongue and this music, it became more and more easier for him to knew this style. So that the hip-hop music is deeply rooted into his life and inspires him, since he spent a great part of his time on it. Hip-Hop music had really a main effect on his life.

Because of his earnest to Persian poems, Hip-Hop Music and the type of special literature used in it, he starts to write lyrics at the age of 15 in this genre.

In the beginning, he was writing lyrics and recorded them as an amateur during his spare times, but since 2011 he started to prepare his first album with the name of ” Ghoghnoos ” ( Phoenix ). His first track of this album ” ghoghnoos” was also released at November 2011.